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Robert Wagner

One of the most popular and successful stars  in the entertainment industry, Robert Wagner has had a career highlighted by three hit television series and an impressive portfolio of movies for film and television.

In the fall of 2000. Robert Wagner starred in the original movie for E! Entertainment Network titled "Becoming Dick," playing a gentleman's gentleman. Recently he completed production on the science-fiction adventure “Rocket’s Red Glare," for Fox Family Channel.

During 1999 he went against type playing a rough and tough pimp starring opposite Lolita Davidovich and Christina Ricci in "No Vacancy". The movie is a bittersweet romantic comedy of sex, drugs and violin music set in a rundown motel in Hollywood ''the morning after the night before." Ron Shelton is the executive producer. That same year, Wagner re-teamed with Shelton in the Disney film, "Play It To The Bone" which co-stars Woody Harrelson and Antonio Banderas. The film centers around a true story of two boxers who journey from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in an attempt to resurrect their floundering careers.

In the same year, Wagner completed independent production on "The Kidnapping of Chris Burden," which is a dramatic story of performance artist Chris Burden, played by Wagner, who in his heyday had himself shot on stage. Twenty years later we find him as head of UCLA’s performing arts department kidnapped,by several students- Also, he completed production on "Tiara Tango," a comedy starring Jean Smart and "Sordid Affair" which he filmed in Toronto for the German-based production company Gemini Films.  Finally in 1999, Wagner traveled to Spain to film the suspense thriller titled "The Road to Santiago," in which he co-stars with Anne Archer, Anthony Quinn and Charleton Heston.

In summer of 1999, Wagner recreated his role of "Number Two," the villainous henchman to Dr. Evil, a cryogenically revived special agent who squares off against the title character in the sequel to "Austin Powers," starring Mike Myers. He was also seen in the Sony release “Crazy in Alabama” directed by Artonio Banderas and starring Melanie Griffith; and TBS's first original movie "Fatal Error," staring Antonio Sabato Jr. and Janie Turner.

In 1998, Wagner -was seen in "Wild Things" starring Matt Dillon and Kevin Bacon for Mandalay Films, piaying attorney Tom Baxter.  In 1997 he co-starred in New Line Film’s box-office hit "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery," starring Mite Myers and Elizabeth Hurley. Additionally, he tours the US. with his wife, Jill St. John,  breaking house records starring on stage in A. R. Gurney’s play, "Love Letters," including a sold-out three week engagement at the Royal George Theater in Chicago.

Wagner returned to primetime as star and producer in 1996, reprising his role of Jonathan Hart in three "Hart to Hart'" special presentations for cable's Family Channel. Previously, he had produced five two-hour *Hart to Hart" movies for NBC-TV. lan1993 Wagner starred in David Wolper's critically acclaimed mini-series "Heaven and Hell: North and South III'' for ABC-TV.

Winner has starred in two other popular series: "Switch” with Eddie Albert; and "It Takes A Thief," with Fred Astaire, the latter earning him an Emmy nomination. Wagner also starred with Jaclyn Smith to "Windmills of the Gods," the top-rated mini-series based on Sidney Sheldon's best-selling novel; with Angie Dickinson in the mini-series "Peral;" with Audrey Hepburn in "Here a Thief, There a Thief;”  with Lesley-Anne Down in "Indiscreet;" and with Elizabeth Taylor in “There Must Be a Pony,” which he also executive produced.

Sir Laurence Olivier chose Wagner to star wrth him in the television adaptation of Tennessee Williams’ play, "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," in which Wagner co-starred  with his wife, the late Natalie Wood. who played Maggie the Cat. He also starred in “This Gun for Hire," Danielle Steel’s “Jewels" and “To Catch a King.”

Wagner's numerous films Include "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story," "The Pink Panther." "The Curse of the Pink  Panther," "Midway," "The Towering Inferno,” “Banning" and "Harper." His earlier movies include, "Prince Valiant," "All the Fine Young Cannibals" and “With a Song in My Heart," starring Susan Hayward.

While Wagier was still a young man under contract at 20th Century Fox, Darryil F. Zanuck cast himi in "With a Song in My Heart." The part was perhaps a minute's duration, but in that minute the tears pouring from Wagner's eyes as he played the role of a crippled soldier responding to the singing of Miss Hayward’s Jane Froman, brought immediate reaction pouring into the studio from the public. That one-mmute part established Wagner as a star.

Spencer Tracy saw him in “Beneath the Twelve Mile Reef” and soon after asked that Wagner be given the role of his son in “Broken Lance,” so impressed was he with the young man’s ability.  Later, scheduled to star in “The Mountain” for Paramount, Tracy requested that Wagner be loaned by 20th Century Fox for an important co-starring role.

Following in their parents’ footsteps, Wagner’s three daughters, Katie, Natasha and Courtney all have

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