Nanette Fabray


     As a famous, award-winning actress, a mother and home-maker, a hard working humanitarian, or a knowledgeable adult testifying before Congressional committees for the rights of handicapped persons...or as an actress, comedienne, singer and dancer, Miss Fabray has been honored many times by her peers and by the public.

     She received two Donaldson Awards for her work in the Broadway musical High Button Shoes, and the Tony Award for the musical Love Life.  She won three Emmys for her comedic work with Sid Caesar and appeared for six years as Katherine Romano in the hit TV series One Day at A Time.  In 1986 the Screen Actors Guild gave her their highest honor - the Humanitarian Award.  In 1988 the International Platform Association gave her the Holbrook Award.

     Nanette also played the mother of her real life niece, Shelley Fabares on the TV comedy Coach.

     TV editors selected her as American Woman of the Year; she has been the honorary mayor of her home town, Pacific Palisades; and received the Fashion Academy Award as one of the ten best dressed women in America.

     She was handicapped for most of her adult life by a hearing problem, until four operations restored her hearing.  Miss Fabray has been in the forefront of the fight for the rights of all handicapped people.  she had a presidential appointment as a founding member of the National council on the Disabled.  This Council wrote the Americans with Disabilities Act, which became law in 1992.  She is a board member of the President's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped, a trustee of the House Ear Institute, and a founding board member of the National Captioning Institute and the Better Hearing Institute in Washington, D.C.

     Her many honors include:  The President's Distinguished Service Award, the Eleanor Roosevelt Humanitarian Award, the California Museum of Science and Industry Woman of the Year Award, three honorary doctorates and numerous other honors.  She and Helen Keller are the only women to receive the Public Service Award from the American Academy of Otolaryngology.  She says her finest achievement is her son Jamie MacDougall who is a dermatologist in Manhattan Beach, California and made her a first time grandmother in August of 1995.


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