Judy Tenuta
Judy Tenuta

 Judy Tenuta is the most famous person that ever lived. If you don't believe it just ask her! The stand-up comic/actress who describes herself as a "multi-media Bondage Goddess" and "the Aphrodite of the Accordion", is actually a caring nurturer who wakes up at 8PM to verbally abuse countless herds of mortal swine (her audience) and converts them to her signature religion "Judyism".

Her fans ranging from fetuses to fossils, gays to geishas, all beg to chew her gum and kiss her feet because she is the only fun-feminist who preaches that all women should be worshipped as "Love Goddesses", and all men have an equal opportunity to become her furniture.....It could happen!

Judy hit the stage in long flowing "goddess gowns", and took a bite out of the Big Apple. She was the very first stand-up to win "Best Female Comedian" at the American Comedy Awards. That same year she became the national spokesperson for a series of Diet Dr. Pepper commercials where she proclaimed "You can't get a body like mine in a bottle unless you push real hard."

Judy has starred in her own HBO, Showtime, and Lifetime Specials and has been seen on every major talk show. Most recently she was a special correspondent for "American Journal", and "Entertainment Tonight,"where she conducted interviews with such celebrated public figures as Donald Trump and Reverend Jesse Jackson.

Judy has also had two smash comedy CD's and has been nominated twice for Grammy Awards for her "Attention Butt-Pirates and Lesbetarians", and "In Goddess We Trust". She is also the author of "The Power of Judyism" (Harper-Collins).

Judy has produced and starred in her own feature film, "Desperation Blvd." A romantic comedy about a former child star who stops at nothing to make a comeback. This hilarious but touching film costars Academy Award nominated actor Michael Lerner, Erin Moran, Will Shriner, and Weird Al Yankovic.

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