Sally Struthers & David Engel
star in

Six Dance Lessons
in Six Weeks

Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks stars the legendary Emmy Award-winning actress Sally Struthers (All In The Family) and Broadway veteran David Engel - it is a guaranteed crowd pleaser that will leave the audience howling and grab a handful of heartstrings from curtain up till the final fade out. Written by Richard Alfieri, it's is a touching and human comedy about a formidable widow who hires an acerbic dance instructor to give her private dancing lessons - one per week for six weeks. What begins as an antagonistic relationship blossoms into an intimate friendship as these two people from very different backgrounds reveal their secrets, fears and joys while dancing. The two learn to overcome their outward differences and discover an unlikely but profound connection. Audiences are standing for Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks! "Thoughtful, razor sharp, charming, funny and genuinely moving." - The Hollywood Reporter