4 Lads From Liverpool

It’s the Best Of The Beatles Shows as 4 LADS FROM LIVERPOOL journeys back to the turbulent and hope-filled decade of the 1960s. From the rock-and-roll days in Hamburg, Germany and the hip Cavern Club in Liverpool, the audience goes on a magical mystery tour through the hit “Sgt. Pepper’s” album era and beyond. With dazzling multimedia footage, the show gives audiences the best chance to see, hear and feel the power of The Beatles and how they changed the world with their music. Our Boys were excited exploring the enormous legacy
of The Beatles, and their love and skill resulted in this authentic
show that brings back their brilliance and the era they helped define. These amazing 4 LADS FROM LIVERPOOL have the right mix of intangible qualities and chemistry that sets them apart from other Beatle tribute bands.

Starring Peter George as John Lennon, Jimmy Pou as George Harrison, Jon Perry as Paul McCartney and Rolo Sandoval as Ringo Starr, the show features some of The Beatles’ most famous and loved songs, including “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” “Come Together,” “Here Comes the Sun”, “Yesterday” and “Hey Jude”.

Treat your audiences to one of the theatre’s most moving, beautifully written plays performed by some of film and television’s most beloved actors.

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